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Edie’s Ducks

When you are homeless and a parent gets to see, and get to know you a little better it really does help make your day. If a child starts school and passes you regularly and the parent brings that child to meet you and say ‘hello’, on their way to school, that is respect. When you are allowed to speak, and tell a little story about a feathered friend, it fills your heart with warmth of being someone this mother did not drag her child away or stop her saying hello or look at me in disgust. She made me feel a little like a person while feeling honoured to speak to a parent and a child. With the greatest of respects, I thank you my friends and wish you all the best. Being taught to respect others is a lesson in itself and good things come to those that do good, they certainly did good for me. I am so grateful to them.

A mother and her daughter. Edie is her name such a lovely little girl who I have met at Westminster but not seen since before the pandemic. As with everyone, I hope they are all well. This little girl likes to hear me say things about Mr Duck who lives on Duck Park, like when it rains, I say Mr Duck loves this weather, he thinks he is on holiday, he swims, he dances, he even goes skinny dipping in the pond. Feathers flying everywhere. Mrs Duck tries to keep up with him and shouts, ‘Slow down.’ When he sees me, he goes splishing and splashing, as he hurriedly gathers his feathers. He knows I have food for him, so as he makes his way to me, he paddles and waddles with a big smiling beak. Mrs Duck is still trying to keep up with him incase he gets all the food but there is plenty for them both and all the other ducks too. Edie’s mum Nicola has kept in touch during the pandemic and given me some support. I know it is on behalf of herself, her husband, Edie and her little brother. So an even bigger thank you to a wonderful family. Hopefully we can all meet and feed the ducks one day soon again. Thank you, massive hugs my friends.

 x Stay safe everyone x


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These are my streets. Gladly.

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