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  • 3/7/19

    9th Aug 2019 by

    It’s Wednesday 3rd July and a young lady sleeps outside the barrier they had put up. It is around 10pm, she was only there 10 minutes before two MPs came through the barrier, talking to each other. “I see this lot are still around here. Well, we will have to get another restriction in place… Read more

  • 5 Finger Discount

    25th Jan 2021 by

    I met this respectful looking guy outside the local Tesco store at Westminster station. I had asked him if he was homeless, ‘me’ he said, ‘no I’m just here to get myself a beer, would you like one?’ ‘No thanks’ I replied, ‘but I do want to get myself something to eat, so let’s go.’ He is nice old man and… Read more

  • The Phone

    25th Jan 2021 by

    Hey, hello! I managed to find the Polish girl who did a runner after the police did their deed and frightened her away. To I don’t know where. I feel so sorry for her she is very petite and fragile looking. Well, I gave her the phone back she thanked me and explained that someone… Read more

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