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The Phone

Hey, hello! I managed to find the Polish girl who did a runner after the police did their deed and frightened her away. To I don’t know where. I feel so sorry for her she is very petite and fragile looking. Well, I gave her the phone back she thanked me and explained that someone gave her another phone an iPhone in fact. But it was stolen while she slept, it was in her bag she said and it was rummaged through. This seems to happen a lot whether they are homeless or not they see an opportunity and will take it they don’t care about leaving you with nothing. They don’t mind kicking you when you are already down. Although I am happy to say, it is only the minority who would do this, most people are kind and respectful. But it is reality shit, happens to anyone if you are not on your guard, at least she now has this phone. I have offered to get her to a shower if she wants one and she has happily accepted but for now all she wanted was a cup of tea and a cigarette. I got her what she wanted, so I left her at least with a smile on her face. I told her I would see her in a couple of days’ time. Outreach need to come on and help her. We know that you know her and where about she is, so sod the red tape before she becomes a victim of the unmentionable during these already terrible times.  I really don’t want to point a finger your way if anything does happen, she needs help!    


Published by earlofwestminster

These are my streets. Gladly.

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