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Happy New Year 2021

Hello everyone, well here goes Happy New Year to you all, first of all to Kitty, thank you for supplying 4 sleeping bags for some homeless people who are still on the streets. She is my gorgeous Duchess, thank you, and to many friends who have supported me and helped others too like, Nicola and family, my Cadbury girl, Chris his wife and little Ben, Cinderella and to all others who I have not seen since and during the lockdown, I miss you all, stay safe.

Anyway, I’ve been to Westminster station and I see the police don’t have a lot to do. Well if it wasn’t for homeless people they would be out of a job, maybe on the streets themselves, wouldn’t that be something? Well, 5 or 6 of them and a council official were doing the deeds for up to 3 or 4 times a week giving homeless people a hard time, making them move to where? Another street? No mention of help or not even an offer of face masks or anything, just a ‘what are you doing here? What is your name? DOB? To check, it’s what they do. Then it’s, ‘you have to move!’ The council official just watches saying nothing. A frightened Polish girl, homeless herself, moves hurriedly away after they confronted her. I asked the council official why, I had no reply, I said I have her phone now and she has gone where? The official said she will let St. Mungo’s know and give them her details. Well, good luck to that because they have not done anything yet to help her but continually ask for her details and ask where she sleeps. Erm, I think ‘homeless and streets’ give it away, well I have been back to see if I can see her but without any luck. I will keep trying.

Finally a belated congratulations to the Bishop of Dover, you did a great job getting homeless people moved out of there comfort zone in Westminster station near parliament. You know where it was nice and warm undercover and you wrote a letter complaining of a stench that was not there. They kept it nice and clean, from 11pm when they turned up making sure no-one would see them until 6am when they got up cleaned up and moved out leaving nothing behind. Now a wooden pass box and roller shutter keeps them out, as a woman of God you betrayed them and who you represented but then you were just a chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons and shortly after we wrote to you to talk to us with me handing and posting letters inviting you to meet us. After we showered of course! We sadly got no reply and no meeting from you, it would have been good had you met us you would of known then we too have God in our hearts and hope. Instead you were busy getting ready for your move to Dover and being made a Bishop, I hope you have changed your ways and don’t treat homeless people badly down there like you did in Westminster. If we could help you to understand how hard it is to be on the streets and treat them with some kind of respect, I would say on behalf of all the homeless here, we forgive you and wish you every success in Dover God bless. And along awaited thank you to Lady Catherine, Tom from the homeless campaign group and Paul who put our letter together addressed to Ms Rose Hudson Wilkin chaplain to the speaker of the house of commons.


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These are my streets. Gladly.

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