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It’s Wednesday 3rd July and a young lady sleeps outside the barrier they had put up. It is around 10pm, she was only there 10 minutes before two MPs came through the barrier, talking to each other. “I see this lot are still around here. Well, we will have to get another restriction in place to get them out of here.”

Well to me this proves these uncaring, selfish, greedy lot, do not deserve to be MPs, they are more worried about us being here, than the knife crime. They are more worried about us being here, than brexit. They think only about themselves and everything to look nice, so they can cosily stroll along and talk bollocks.

They are so far up their own arses they are on another planet, because they don’t care about anyone or anything as long as they get voted in. Tories, Labour and Lib Dems are the main upstarts who don’t care where we are or where we go, as long as they cannot see us. Vote for the Greens.

The death of the 45 year old male in December meant nothing to most of the MPs, as they passed by us with their ‘sorries’ and their ‘promises,’ nothing changed. Nothing was done to help in any way, shape or form, it’s lies. What were we supposed to think they would do?

Except 2 months to the day of our friend Gyula Remes death, they, well some of them, complained for no reason to the council. A few of them were saying they were threatened and had been verbally ‘had a go at’ by rough sleepers, in an attempt to get us moved on. So Westminster council informed the police to move us using (a) the Vagrancy /Act and more, but even (wait for it) (b) anti-terrorism laws. Mixing old laws with new, like new MPs being mixed with dinosaurs who complain for no reason.

I have to say, one lady dinosaur who does nothing but moan at rough sleepers when she sees them. Tells us that, “You cannot sleep here, you have to move.” I feel sorry for her, money and power has gone to her head. Disgruntled looks from other MPs with just a very few that smile at us, and a handful who speak nicely to us.

There will always be rough sleepers because not only have MPs but councils, and outreach teams have got everything wrong in what to do or how to do it. Anyway what would happen to the jobs of the outreach teams if everyone was off the streets?

Start by getting into the 21st century and end criminalising the homeless now!

MPs and councils need to stop looking at us like beasts of burden, or like embarrassing scum they cannot bear to look at – turning their heads like they are ready to throw up whilst holding their breaths because of the stench (not all of them but most of them anyway). Out of about 30 MPs who walked past me today, about 7 looked at me like nothing else. About 4 to 5 smiled and only 2 said hello. The rest, I was sad to see them be like how they were (a sick bunch).

The police, they are being nice and friendly, for now anyway, or until MPs start moaning and telling the usual lies to the council who then demand action against us.

A lot of the public, including visitors to Westminster, are nice and friendly with us. It is a shame I cannot say this about the MPs and the councils who are running our country with this hatred.


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These are my streets. Gladly.

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