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One AM this morning all the rough sleepers are woken up, we were sleeping at Exit 3 tunnel (a public right of way) by the police who tell us.

“Sorry lads, you have to move out, the workers are here to block this place with shutters to stop you sleeping here.”

This subway from Westminster Station leads to Big Ben. I questioned, “Why? We don’t come here until after parliament shuts and always get up and leave before it opens 6AM leaving no mess.”

The copper replied, “I know you are a good bunch, but we have to follow orders, sorry.”

So, who? why? the politicians do not see us sleeping there except the ones working at night who forget that they cannot access. The people who work there who don’t know when parliament opens and closes and here is us who do know, the selfishness and snobbery of some workers and all the politicians who cannot bare to think of the mess they create. Whilst the uncaring council don’t have the brains to think or justify the reason to block a public right of way. Just because we sleep there, not doing any harm or hurt and for us being nice and polite.

When we see anyone down there, the people of London in fact England should look at those so called professional politicians. They do not care about anything but themselves, they cannot sort the country out and all this is due to them worrying too much about where us rough sleepers sleep. They themselves must lose sleep over us, just incase they might catch such a rare glimpse of us being there. They should all be ashamed of these politicians and stop voting for them to bring them back down to earth. Vote for the Green Party instead and… Hey!… How come I see so many MPs coming out of parliament drunk? They’re having a right old party in there. But please, Joe Public don’t drink when you are working or you will lose your job. But seriously, I repeat these MPs think only of themselves, they really are completely out of touch, so are the outreach teams. I do not think for one minute they want everyone off the streets, and if the MPs think they do, then they are more stupid than I thought.

So putting a barrier up to stop us and spike barriers being put up around the city in the way to stop rough sleepers sleeping. Not actually getting anyone off the streets just stop them from sleeping make them walk around all day and night. No more rough sleeping, just a lot of rough walkers, and that’s the method of this mad lot. Money wasted on deterrents. How much more are they going to waste? How much has this barrier alone cost?

Just for this self-centred lot to score a point against us.


Published by earlofwestminster

These are my streets. Gladly.

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  1. A Petition should be started, to repeal the Vagrancy Act, the law written in 1824 still used to criminalise sleeping rough or begging today, It is out of date and helps no one, if you have a friendly MP or Lawyer who would be willing to help you start one on the UK Government and Parliament petition website, at 10,000 signatures you get a response from the government.
    At 100,000 signatures your petition will be considered for a debate in Parliament.

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